Citizen engagement

Cleanliness is a service whose quality depends on the support of the population. Hysacam provides partner cities with support in their awareness-raising and communication approach. This support is a fundamental asset because it contributes to the development of a culture of cleanliness and respect for public affairs without which none can develop harmoniously.

Keeping Douala clean is everyone's business!

Considering that there is already a mandatory contract between the Urban Community and the Société d'Hygiène et de Salubrité publique (HYSACAM) to keep the city of Douala clean.

Noting that in experience this is not enough.

Observing that city dwellers must also commit themselves, morally and practically, to taking their responsibilities at their level, in the pre-collection of household waste and respect for their environment.

It is proposed to establish a contract of trust.

This contract of trust is a moral commitment between three partners. It defines the terms and obligations of each with the goal and objective of: MAINTAINING THE CITY OF DOUALA CLEAN.

It is presented in the form of this document.

The duties of each contractor

Considering that:

LPopulations, represented by households, associations or any other form of delegation must take responsibility for ensuring their well-being;

HYSACAM, under the contract signed with the C.U.D., must collect, treat household waste, clean markets and sweep the streets; The Urban Community must:

  • Ensure the payment of HYSACAM's benefits;
  • Create a landfill that meets administrative standards;
  • Ensure cleanliness and public health in the city, relying on urban borough communes, by all means provided for by law and induced by its status as a civic regulatory agent.

It was agreed as follows:

Article 1. The cleanliness of the city of Douala with its borough municipalities is everyone's business

Article 2. People must throw their garbage in garbage bins, the CUD like HYSACAM, must ensure that these bins comply with the neighborhood's managed garbage capacity and that their location is arranged in such a way as to be fixed and accessible to all.

People in the areas served by door-to-door collection undertake to take their garbage out of their homes only when trucks pass.

Article 3. No one shall dispose of his garbage out of bins, on the roadway, sidewalks, gutters, waterways or drains. Nor set fire to the garbage. Nor do your needs around the bins.

Article 4. HYSACAM, a signatory to this contract of trust, as well as the Urban Community, and the populations undertake to respect their obligations under this contract of trust.


  • Collect garbage regularly according to the terms of the contract between it and the CUD, namely:
  • Ensure the collection and treatment of household waste, the daily cleaning of markets and street sweeping;
  • Make the intervention schedule public and establish a green line under the contract with the CUD,

For the Urban Community

  • Regularly pay for HYSACAM's services;
  • Punish offenders;
  • Develop access to housing;
  • Open up inaccessible areas to facilitate garbage pre-collection;
  • Service neighborhoods in accordance with urbanization plans;
  • Revitalize hygiene and sanitation services in borough municipalities

For the population

  • Have modern and regulatory garbage cans;
  • Dispose of garbage in the bins installed for this purpose and only there;
  • Take garbage out of their homes, in areas served by door-to-door collection, only when trucks pass;
  • Do not dispose of garbage out of bins, on the roadway, sidewalks, gutters, streams or drains;
  • Do not set garbage on fire or do your needs around garbage bins;
  • Respect the collection schedule made public by Hysacam

Article 5. The contract is monitored by neighborhood committees, which, under the impetus of the hygiene and health services of the borough municipalities, meet at least once a month to take stock of the situation. The following are ex officio members of the ward committees:

  • The neighborhood chief and his notables
  • The block leaders
  • Representatives of associations or any other form of delegation
  • Municipal councillors living in the neighborhood
  • Elites or resource persons
  • The representative of the hygiene and health services of the borough communes.

Conditions of application

This contract takes effect from the date of signature by the three parties, represented for: The neighborhood, the head of household, the representatives of the association or the Urban Municipality of Arrondissement

The Urban Community The HYSACAM Company.